Web Development

A project that I work on during my free time is developing this website. The current state of this site is very sophisticated, but that wasn't how it started. Here I've provided early examples of my work in web design to document how my skills have evolved and grown over time, and to demonstrate how this version of the site came to fruition.

MRI Processing

I studied MRI based Neuroimaging for scientific research at the University of Southern California's Keck School of Medicine. My training involved utlizing MRI to research the structural and functional architecture of the human brain using various imaging modalities, study designs and analytical approaches. This section demonstrates the skills I learned in MRI Processing and Visualizaiton using 37 and 7T scans.

Code Demo's

This section provides a snapshot of the programming projects I have worked on and this skills I have optained in programming for scientific research. These include a variety of examples ranging from behavioral tasks to data visualization. The first example is a behavioral task for an experiment investigating human decision making. The task records participants decisions, reaction times, as well as eye-tracking data, and was programmed in Matlab. The next example demonsgtrates some graphs vizualising the data from the eye-tracking task, and was programmed in R. The last exmaple is a random number generator that generates unique subject ID's for experiments, and was also programmed in R.